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Mixed Reef Pack - 100g

Mixed Reef Pack - 100g

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Welcome to Tasty Wiener Treats, where we're excited to introduce our latest addition to the dehydrated range: Mixed Reef packs!

Our Mixed Reef packs are perfect for discerning pets who crave the natural flavours of the ocean. Made from dehydrated whole pieces of fish, including Barramundi, John Dory, Mackerel, and Kingfish, these treats are packed with protein and essential nutrients to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Whether your pet is a fish aficionado or simply enjoys a variety of flavors, our Mixed Reef packs are sure to tantalize their taste buds. Plus, our gentle dehydration process preserves the natural goodness of the fish while enhancing its flavour, making these treats a delicious and nutritious option for pets of all sizes.

Treat your pet to the taste of the sea with Tasty Wiener Treats Mixed Reef packs today!
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