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Himalayan Chews

Himalayan Chews

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Are you searching for a wholesome and beneficial treat for your furry friend? Look no further than our brand new TWT Aussie Himalayan chews! These natural delights, offer numerous advantages for your dog's health and happiness.

Long-Lasting Enjoyment: One of the standout features of Himalayan chews is their durability. Unlike typical dog treats that are devoured within minutes, Himalayan chews are designed to last for extended periods. This means hours of satisfying chewing for your pup, keeping them engaged and entertained.

Dental Health: Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs, and it also plays a crucial role in maintaining their dental health. Himalayan chews provide a robust chewing experience that helps scrape away plaque and tartar buildup from your dog's teeth, promoting better oral hygiene and fresher breath.

Natural Ingredients: Himalayan chews are crafted from all-natural ingredients, in this case cows milk, along with a small amount of salt and lime juice. They are free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, making them a safe and wholesome option for your canine companion.

Whether you have a small breed or a large one, our new TWT Himalayan chews come in small, medium and large to cater to different dogs' preferences and chewing habits. From small bites for petite pups to larger pieces for heavy chewers, there's something for every dog.
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