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Over the Rainbow Pawty Cake

Over the Rainbow Pawty Cake

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Over the Rainbow - A Delightful Cake for Dogs!

Treat your furry friend to a slice of heaven with our TWT Over the Rainbow cake, specially crafted by hand for dogs with love and care. This delightful cake combines wholesome ingredients and vibrant decorations to create a tasty and visually appealing treat that your pup will adore. This cake comes with a personalised peanut butter & banana flavoured rainbow style cookie.

- Sweet Potato, Banana, Peanut Butter & Carob Base: Our cake starts with a nutritious and delicious base made from sweet potatoes, ripe bananas, creamy peanut butter, and carob. This cake contains buckwheat and oat flour, along with organic honey and eggs, greek yoghurt and coconut oil.
- Lactose-Free Cream Cheese Frosting: To ensure your dog’s tummy stays happy, we use lactose-free cream cheese for the frosting. It’s smooth, creamy, and perfect for dogs with lactose sensitivities.
- Sugar-Free Colouring: We decorate the cake with vibrant, sugar-free colors that are safe for dogs. 

4 inch cake : approximately 300g, feeds 1 - 3 dogs. 2 tiers with greek yoghurt + banana prawn crumble filling. Approximately 9cm wide and 15cm tall.

6 inch cake : approximately 800g, feeds 10 - 15 dogs. 3 tiers with greek yoghurt + banana prawn crumble filling. Approximately 16cm wide and 15cm tall.

Perfect For:
- Birthdays
- Gotcha Days
- Special Occasions
- Celebrating milestones

Give your dog the treat they deserve with "Over the Rainbow" – a cake that’s as healthy as it is delightful! Because every special moment with your pet deserves to be celebrated with a tasty and safe treat.


TWT Pawty cakes have a best before life of up to 3 days from pickup. Please refrigerate. 


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